ND 003   Come Back to Me

The Dewayne Oakley Blues Ensemble
Featuring: Nishizaki Syuichi (trumpet), Donny Schwekendiek (piano), Daisuke Kurata (drums), Tomoyoshi Nakamura (alto sax), Jun Kobayashi (flute), Takashi Yamamoto (guitar), Dewayne Oakley (bass & vocals)

Recorded live at the Bottom Line and Star Eyes, Nagoya, Japan

LISTEN: By Myself Alone (H. Dietz / A. Schwartz)


  1. Let the Spirit Move
  2. By Myself Alone
  3. Song For MyFather
  4. Watch It Baby
  5. Hard Way to Go
  6. Hogwash
  7. Come Back to Me
  8. Jambolaia
  9. I Get So Worried
  10. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You
  11. Moonglow
  12. Accentuate the Positive